Job title: Solution Designer
Employment type: Full-time

Position Description:

The Solution Designer will join a team implementing an information-sharing and collaboration platform serving the Department of State (DoS) and the agency’s partners. We build both internal- and external-facing knowledge management environments dedicated to supporting the mission of different DoS offices.

The Solution Designer will work closely with clients and the Tesla team to create and deliver client-specific solutions to multiple DoS offices. This position will be focused on using Tesla Government’s platform to answer data structuring and visualization, knowledge management, and collaboration requirements. The Solution Designer will be expected to work with project leaders in refining client requirements, incorporating feedback, and providing flexible, living solutions that can evolve as client missions do.

There are five key components of the work:

  1. Data Formatting and Architecting
    • Take disparate data and find common themes to organize that data collectively. This structure becomes the basis of the data visualizations.
    • Build pipelines and workflows with scripting so we can easily ingest/build processes to automate data cleaning, ingestion, and presentation.
    • Structure data mapping initiatives, whether the data is demographic, financial, legal, geographic, or category-based.
    • Build data structures based on client requirements and that feed client workflows.
    • Connect multiple independent datastreams and datasets to a unified data structure–including reformatting and mapping historical source data and building fully and semi-automated workflows for population into the overarching structure.
  2. Data Visualization
    • Use software including Tesla Government software, Tableau, Splunk, Python, as well as others, to create visualizations that use client data in appropriate and innovative ways.
    • Ensure visualizations help clients achieve their missions and gain relevant, actionable insights from their data.
  3. Knowledge Management
    • Become a subject-matter expert on organizing, ingesting, and presenting complex data to make thousands of rows of data easily digestible for the clients to make decisions.
    • Track requirements using scrum principles and Jira software.
    • Employ knowledge management techniques to create solutions for how to organize large spreadsheets and large sets of files.
  4. Content Creation
    • Portal support including building and editing pages, and designing creative ways to display information in text and visualizations.
    • Support clients in cleaning and ingesting new content that is clean and well-formatted. This will include building tags and descriptions to make content more discoverable.
  5. Client Interaction
    • Client outreach including scoping requirements, providing training, updating clients on project statuses, troubleshooting access, and providing help desk support.
    • Support business development initiatives, including creating presentations, market research, and brainstorming solutions for data management problems
    • Respond to user information needs while managing projects. This can include tracking project statuses and creating deliverables.

What You Will Learn:

  • Learn the business development process – Tesla’s business grew significantly in the last year, and we are expecting similar or greater growth this year. With each new contract, the opportunities available for the members of our team grows, and this position gets in at the ground floor of that expansion. This role will include proposal writing, client relationship-building, searching for opportunities, and more.
  • Develop knowledge management and data skills.
  • Receive on-the-job Tableau training. Tableau is quickly growing across the State Department, and learning how to build visualizations for everything from geospatial programming to tracking financial expenditures of a project is an important data skill.
  • Educational benefits: Tesla can help support you getting a Tableau Certification, Project Management Certificate, Scrum Certificate, or other professional certifications as relevant.
  • Upward job mobility as contracts expand.

Attributes of a Successful Solutions Designer:

  • Self-motivated, and hungry to learn and apply new skills
  • Have a mindset to organize complex information in an easily navigable way
  • Ability to meet deadlines across multiple simultaneous projects, and flexibility to jump between tasks as necessary
  • Be technically savvy and have the ability and willingness to learn various computer and web-based applications
  • Creative problem solver
  • Independent and task focused
  • Clear communicator
  • Understands data structures and user outreach processes
  • Team player
  • Organized


Required Qualifications (experience can be work or academic):

  • US citizen
  • 1+ year of experience with and knowledge of data visualization platforms (Examples: Tableau, R, PowerBI, or GIS tools)
  • 2+ years of experience with data design and structuring
  • 2+ years of experience with and knowledge of data management tools (Examples: Excel, Google Sheets, Python, Tableau Prep)
  • Data science and/or visualization experience; this could include formal education, self-guided learning, or on-the-ground experience
  • Experience cleaning and structuring data
  • Ability to hear customers discuss their data needs and build a data structure and implementation that fits that need.


Desired Qualifications:

  • Advanced scripting for data cleaning
  • Familiarity and experience with SQL and query construction
  • Experience interacting with APIs and building data connections
  • Client-side experience, including taking meeting minutes, tracking due-outs, and planning meeting follow-ups
  • Business development experience
  • Undergraduate degree
  • Government experience or exposure to government clients, especially Department of State


To apply, please submit resume and cover letter.

Tesla Government Inc. is an equal opportunity employer and values diversity in our workforce. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, veteran status, or on the basis of disability.

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