Get More from Your Information

Most offices struggle to pull together the information they need.

Disorganized Files

Your shared drives can store tons of disorganized data, but you can’t find what you need. When organizing is everyone’s job, it is no one’s job.

Unshared Information

When you can’t find information, you end up duplicating effort unnecessarily. Life is too short to re-do work.

Too Much, Too Late

Data exists on your topic but there’s so much information everywhere that you can’t organize it by
the deadline.

Get More from Your Information

Our proven platform was designed to organize and curate your information in the context of your mission. Clara’s team of interdisciplinary knowledge management experts organizes your data, places it in context, and responds to requests for information by producing articles, charts, and maps tailored to your needs. 
Let Clara Help

Find Assets

Locate relevant information in the right version and format without the scavenger hunt.


Improve decision-making with researched data and evidence to guide and support your mission.

Save Time

Stop duplicating efforts and reuse documents and research that have already been developed.


Enhance transparency and improve data access and sharing with your office and teammates.

Add Context

Our team of interdisciplinary researchers answers questions with curated content in context.


Transform your data with professional maps, graphs, and charts for analyzing information.

What Our Clients Say

They love us!

I am speechless. We never envisioned a resource with the level of collaboration
and digital visualizations that your team provides.


The material you provide and the value you bring to the table in
helping support our mission is priceless. I am impressed with how well you all continue to present the data.
You guys really are awesome! Thanks a million for your continued effort.

– Civilian USG Analyst, Iraq

Your ability to provide new tools on our website is jaw dropping. Very impressive!

– Civilian Advisor, US Military, Middle East

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