Open-Source Research

Augment Your Data.
Act With Confidence.

You’re asking for trouble when making critical decisions with incomplete intelligence. And nobody wants trouble – not you, your team, the higher-ups, and definitely not your people on the ground.

We’ve been in your shoes – with domestic and international experience in the military, NGOs, government, academia and more. We understand your questions, so we hone in on what you really need.

Time after time, agencies and organizations come to Tesla because our world-class researchers provide precise insights to your critical questions.

Our Work

We deliver right-sized solutions to answer your critical questions thanks to our diverse skills and experience. Our work is customized to your needs and may include:

  • Interactive maps and graphics
  • Living documents
  • Written reports
  • Powerpoint presentations
The Nuts and Bolts:
Our Research Process

Our researchers are awesome and love helping you succeed.

With open-source research, this includes:

  • Discovery: Understanding your questions, how they fit into your mission, and how it fits with your partner organizations.
  • Research: Combining existing sources with digital data pulls, and social media analysis. Additionally, we tap into our extensive network of government, academia, NGOs and private sector contacts.
  • Analysis: Sifting through data and distilling it to what’s important while eliminating the noise.
  • Delivery: Delivering information in the optimum format you need to communicate effectively with your team and key stakeholders.

We perform research as one-off projects or part of a larger engagement and our work goes hand-in-hand with our other services:

  • Data visualization to more clearly grasp the story your data is telling.
  • Knowledge management solutions make it easier to organize, find, and share research and other institutional information.
  • When research uncovers other parties working in the same arena, our community building team brings people together to share knowledge and reduce duplicate work.

“Not only is their open source research beyond reproach, but they have an extensive network across the DoD/NGO environments that they can reach out to for answers.” Eric, Tesla DoD/NGO Client

Need Research? Let’s talk. We’ve got you covered.