Your Data: Distilled and Focused

Knowledge management is the process of collecting, sorting, and sharing institutional information. And nobody does it like we do. We pair hands-on curation with an intuitive platform that understands how you search and use information.

To you, it’s chaos. To our knowledge management experts, it’s a welcome challenge.

Lots of clients come to us with a hot mess of files in SharePoint or some other shared drive. Some may even be stored locally on employees’ drives.

Some common knowledge management issues are:

  • You struggle to find a file you know exists somewhere on the shared drive.
  • You have too much data and need to cut through the clutter and find the right information.
  • You waste too many hours (or days) navigating someone else's organizational systems.
  • You are frozen and can't make critical decisions due to information overload or irrelevant data.

Our Knowledge Management Process

We understand how information best flows through an organization – how it’s captured, stored, shared, analyzed, and put into action – and develop an intuitive system that pushes relevant data to key stakeholders.

We start with the initial clean-up – removing duplicate and unnecessary files – and prioritizing what’s important.

Our interactive platform is based on software that you’re familiar with, so it’s intuitive and easy to use. But we don’t stop there. Our ongoing data curation and support frees you from the burden of continued maintenance.

See the Big Picture – Decide With Confidence

Know you have the latest, most accurate information. In focus, at your fingertips, every time. Knowledge Management works seamlessly with our other services to unleash your information.

Data Visualization

Communicate the story your data is trying to tell.

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Open-Source Research

Add context and perspective to make critical decisions with confidence.

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Community Building

Expand your knowledge by leveraging like-minded stakeholders.

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