Fred Hassani, CEO of Tesla Government

Fred Hassani

Vice President for Product Development

When Robin and Fred founded Tesla in 2009 they had the sole goal of helping the government function better. While some people believe the government’s problems are beyond being solved, Fred doesn’t buy that.

Sure, the solutions may not come easily, and Tesla’s expertise may not be able to answer every question—but Fred is unwavering in his belief that solutions can be found with patience, persistence and an open mind.

In his experience, which includes more than 20 years at the State Department (both domestically and abroad), the hardest problems are only solved through deliberate, iterative interactions. This approach results in a robust, evolving understanding of how to solve the needs at hand.

Fred and his team have been fortunate to contribute to groundbreaking government initiatives, and this experience has informed our process for building systems that outperform clients’ expectations time after time.

A bit of a renaissance man, Fred stays plenty busy outside the office. On any given day, you can find Fred spending time with his kids and grandkids, riding his bike, playing piano, developing commercial real estate, or relaxing with some light reading about the trajectory of society.


  • Harvard University, Kennedy School of Government, MPA (Master in Public Administration)

Memberships & Affiliations

  • Washington Institute of Foreign Affairs (WIFA)
  • Diplomatic and Consular Officers Retired (DACOR)
  • AFCEA International