Augment your data. Act with confidence.

You are asking for trouble when making critical decisions with incomplete intelligence. And nobody wants trouble – not you, your team, the higher-ups, and definitely not your people on the ground.

Agencies and organizations repeatedly come back to Tesla for our world-class research that delivers precise insights and analysis to help answer their critical questions.

Reach a new level of clarity and confidence.

We deliver right-sized solutions to answer your critical questions thanks to our diverse skills and experience. Our work is customized to your needs and may include: detailed analysis combined with interactive maps and graphics, living documents, written reports, or PowerPoint presentations.

Some common issues open source research can address are:

  • You struggle to put events and news into context with larger problems.
  • You need unique viewpoints but don't know where to turn.
  • You waste too many hours (or days) wading through news and research.
  • You are frozen and struggle to make critical decisions due to lack of perspective.

Our Open-Source Research Process

We delve into publicly available information, digital data pulls, social media analysis, and other open-source research to build a comprehensive knowledge base. We then distill our findings to what’s most relevant and in guiding your decision making.

With open-source research, this includes:

  • Discovery: Understanding your questions, how they fit into your mission, and how it fits with your partner organizations.
  • Research: Combining existing sources with digital data pulls, and social media analysis. Additionally, we tap into our extensive network of government, academia, NGOs and private sector contacts.
  • Analysis: Sifting through data and distilling it to what’s important while eliminating the noise.
  • Delivery: Delivering information in the optimum format you need to communicate effectively with your team and key stakeholders.


See the Big Picture – Decide With Confidence

Our deliverables eliminate the noise, so you can grasp the essential facts quickly and have better situational awareness. Open-source research works seamlessly with our other services to unleash your information:

Data Visualization

Communicate the story your data is trying to tell.

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Knowledge Management

Know you have the latest, accurate, and in focus information, at your fingertips.

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Community Building

Expand your knowledge by leveraging like-minded stakeholders.

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