Move With Confidence: Unpack Your Data

We solve data overload – empowering you to make critical decisions with confidence by identifying the right information at the right time.

Need help organizing, managing and sharing institutional knowledge? (Hint: most organizations do.)

We’ve got you covered.

When you partner with Tesla, we equip you to use your data to its fullest potential so you can reach your objectives. We’re passionate about what we do and have the expertise to back it up – with decades of international experience and a track record for solving complex information challenges.

Move With Confidence: Your Information, Illuminated

Knowledge Management

Our flexible workflow and platform keeps data and files organized—freeing you up to focus on today’s mission-critical issues. With Tesla’s professional KM support, you can always find what you need, when you need it.

Open-Source Research

Our world-class researchers have impressed all levels of the US government. We use a collaborative approach to deliver the right product and information for your needs—whether strategic or tactical.

Data Visualization

We bring data to life with visualization, interactive maps, GIS, custom research and reporting—so all stakeholders grasp the information and act with confidence.

Community Building

Whether working domestically or abroad, on a small team or part of a complex collaboration, we keep everyone on the same page—connecting data, users, and stakeholders to advance your mission.

Tesla Knowledge Center

Using Knowledge Management to Present Your Data With Impact

Data is often unorganized and overwhelming. It could be difficult to recognize significant connections and trends and even harder to grasp a clear picture of what your data is trying to tell you.

This is why data visualization often becomes a key part of your knowledge management program.

Building a Corporate Culture of Excellence Through a Better Commuting Experience

At Tesla, we help clients act with confidence because they have the right information to make the right decision at the right time. But this wouldn’t be possible without our team, so we make a point to hire only the best and the brightest from a variety of backgrounds. To attract and retain our talented team, we look for ways to show how much their work means to us.

One way is by offering innovative teleworking and commuting options.

Distilling Your Data to What’s Important

In our previous post, we looked at how knowledge management can solve your information overload. More isn’t always better. Deep down, you know it’s true. But it’s easy to forget, especially when it comes to collecting data.

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