Data Curation & Knowledge Management

There is no “one size fits all” solution for knowledge management tools or processes. Tesla’s approach is flexible, extensible, and includes back-office personnel at your site or ours who act as an “as needed” knowledge manager of your office or organization’s information.

Tesla’s experienced knowledge manager acts as a virtual team member who curates, organizes, and puts your data and information in context, provides new ways to understand it, and becomes the librarian you wish you had.

I’ve been using the site, and it’s impressive.

There is a lot of information in the right place, easy to reach, and easy to be found.

Thank you for your great work.

– US Army CPT, Iraq

   Open Source Research & Report Writing

Tesla’s world-class researchers have consistently received accolades from our government clients at all levels–from deployed soldiers in Iraq to an Assistant Secretary of State. Our social media monitoring and reporting have been included in briefings at executive levels at several government agencies, up to the White House.

Tesla uses a collaborative approach with our customers to deliver the best product in the time allotted. Our multidisciplinary and multilingual team creates finished products ranging from interactive maps and graphics to hyperlinked living documents, PowerPoints, and written reports.

Thank you for everything you provided me each time I requested it.

Your organization is top notch and professional from the top down.

– US Army MSG, Middle East

  Data Visualization & Mapping

The integration of GIS services into our software, and the ability to leverage sophisticated GIS platforms (open source and proprietary) give us an advantage on how our clients and users engage with their data.  It’s not just about visualization; its about clear presentation and user interaction.

Visual information provides cues and clues that otherwise might remain hidden in a long document or in the columns and rows of a spreadsheet. Tesla helps you highlight the information your audience needs to analyze at the level they need it, whether strategic or tactical by way of information graphics like charts, graphs, maps, photographs, and vidoes that tell a story to the user.

At Tesla we present information in a way that aligns with the audience’s preferred way of understanding for best results in user participation and comprehension. It sounds simple, but sometimes technology and long-standing habits keep development teams from modifying a user’s interface, which can sometimes obscure, change, or hide the intended message. Bringing the right information in the right format at the right time makes all the difference.

The GIS team was instrumental in helping design the mapping information needed on an extremely short timeline.
Tesla created a detailed map of what we needed in just a few hours. Thanks Team!
– US Army MAJ,
Civil Affairs Chief, Syria

  User Engagement & Community Building

Every interaction is an opportunity. Tesla’s Outreach Team knows how to deliver the right message at the right time throughout the full customer lifecycle. Tesla’s User Engagement Team connects data, users, and support personnel while providing insights into activities and the progress of initiatives to stakeholders and the rest of the community.

Our experience has shown that on most issues there are lots of smart people around the world working on the same problems. Pulling them and their data together into one collaborative, data-rich, organized environment is a great start toward reducing duplication of effort, smoothing business handoffs, and coordinating solutions to problems-big and small.

Tesla brought people together from across agencies to tackle hard questions all within a single area on the ground.

So far your product is the most productive teaming I have seen across agencies and missions.

– US Army CPT, Medical Service Corps, Africa

  Software Development

Tesla Government has years of experience prototyping, developing, integrating, and field-testing software tools and applications to meet the unique needs of Federal Government agencies. We have done groundbreaking work in the area of information sharing and access control for the Department of State, the Department of Defense, and Intelligence Community members.

Tesla's software development team has been incredibly responsive to our needs for new capabilities.

– Senior Engineering Technical Assistance (SETA) Lead, USCENTCOM