Success Delivered.

A successful project starts with selecting and implementing a software solution or knowledge management platform. Getting teams into the system and fully engaged is the crucial next step.

With proven strategies that turn casual users into passionate champions, MissionConnect: Engage persuades people to eagerly adopt the new system and take full advantage of its functionality.

Engineered to Succeed.

Successful projects are intentional.
They take design, planning, and proactive participation.

At Tesla Government, our proven MissionConnect: Engage solutions are engineered to succeed, all with an eye on immediate ROI and dedicated long term success.

MissionConnect: Engage is the right solution for you if...

Your agency’s project is stalled or implementation didn’t go as planned.

Your project launched, but people aren’t using it.

End users are in the system but don't like it (and they let you know).

Just because you set up a new system doesn’t mean people will use it

 It takes proactive change management and user engagement to transform people into passionate advocates, putting you on the fast track for success.

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Proven Adoption Journeys

No two users are alike, so we dedicate ourselves to understanding the unique touch points that drive adoption and create active community participants.

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Proactive Monitoring and Engagement

When we see a problem looming (long before our clients do), we swoop in and solve it before it has a chance to take root, maintaining a healthy, effective system.

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Data-Driven Engagement

We measure and benchmark engagement levels against metrics that matter. Then we map out strategies to increase performance in a calculated way.

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Feedback Loops

Refining the user experience is critical in the world of continuous deployment. With integrated feedback loops, we bake feedback into future development cycles, resulting in improvement and optimization that drives deeper engagement.

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Mission and System Alignment

When system projects begin to stray from their original objective, users disengage. Our engagement and alignment strategies directly address disconnection between programs, policies, and ultimate impact.

“Tesla Government’s onboarding and engagement services have been key drivers in the adoption and growth of our knowledge management programs. Their proven tools and methodology not only ensures that users log into the system, but that they become active participants – driving the platform’s success.”

Program Manager, Defense Agency

Pandemic Drives Adoption.
Engagement Drives Success.

The Covid-19 pandemic radically changed how government agencies operate. As knowledge work shifted to remote workers during the early months of the pandemic in 2020, Tesla Government experienced rapid adoption of our knowledge management solution. In fact, we quickly onboarded hundreds of users in less than two weeks to meet the demand.

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552% increase in new users

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91% increase in retention rate

But getting users into the system wasn’t the success metric.

Getting them engaged and committed to using it for their daily work was the true gauge.

This is where MissionConnect: Engage played a huge part. Our implementation and engagement methodologies not only onboarded users but gave them reasons to return and become platform advocates.

Many months into this new way of working and sharing information, we are proud to say that new user retention has improved by more than 91%. Most of the new users are still active platform participants and using our tools to do their work more effectively and efficiently.