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(Crushing Data Roadblocks Along the Way.)

Managing information is a challenge nearly everyone faces. Documents are spilling out of several sources. Email. Mobile apps. Chat threads. Shared drives. Who has time to organize it all and still get work done?

We do! When you partner with Tesla Government, we help you tame the tsunami of information and centralize your most critical content. MissionConnect: Launch provides a guided approach to organizing your office’s digital assets making them optimally accessible and shareable. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff works with you to create a sustainable information repository, saving you time, money, and maybe even some sanity.

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We create curation rules with the assistance of your staff and use those rules to complete the work required. Once our curators receive input from your staff on culling, deduplication, and tagging your information, we will be able to apply criteria to artifact collections with minimal supervision. The result is putting as little work on your team as possible.

Step-by-step process

We find the sweet spot of organizing digital assets. Many organizations try to cover every scenario for retrieving information, which leads to an overly complicated and unmaintainable system. Others start to build a solution before properly evaluating how it will be used, resulting in unbudgeted rework and abandoned projects. Our experienced curators help you avoid these pitfalls while striking an appropriate balance between functionality and maintainability at a level that fits your budget.

Guaranteed results

Transforming a disorganized collection of files into a useful information repository carries potential for expensive and time consuming detours. But this complicated task is right in our wheelhouse. Our extensive experience makes it possible for us to accurately assess the level of effort required to complete the work and provide you with a firm fixed price quote.

A small office in an executive branch agency housed a shared drive that ballooned over a number of years to include 70,000 documents and other digital artifacts. Finding things in the drive became difficult, but organizing these holdings became almost impossible.

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Enter MissionConnect: Launch.

Over an 8-month period our data curator worked with the employees of the office to review, cull, and tag artifacts in the office’s main repositories. Removing duplicates, superseded versions, and irrelevant documents identified the few thousand high-value documents the office needed for its work. Our curator, along with the office staff, unearthed additional important artifacts found in emails and un-shared drives to help to fill in gaps. Once we had a comprehensive collection of all the key artifacts, our curator worked with management to develop and apply a tagging scheme that made it possible for users to browse the artifacts by geography and subject.

Once the data grooming was complete, we uploaded the artifacts to our government-approved GOTS platform. Then we added a collection of wiki-style explanatory articles to provide contextual information about the documents in the collection and how they are related to one another. Years later this repository remains an organized and accessible information resource for the office.