Under Control.

Remember when an actual human being maintained office records? The File Clerk meticulously organized and filed documents, then retrieved and delivered them when requested. The File Clerk kept the keys to the file room and controlled every piece of paper that went in or out. Good File Clerks applied a file structure with merciless detail. Nobody messed with the File Clerk.  

In the current digital age the file room still exists, but it’s called by a different name: The Shared Drive. Unlike the File Clerk, anyone can access the Shared Drive. Unfortunately that means everyone shares responsibility for keeping the files organized, which means no one is responsible. So the Shared Drive gets messed up.

Reclaim Control with
MissionConnect: Sustain

Far more than an antiquated File Clerk, MissionConnect: Sustain includes the support of our trained staff to guarantee your shared drive remains organized, accessible, and secure. Our staff reviews everything coming into the repository and ensures each item is appropriately categorized and referenced. The Sustain platform also features sharing and collaboration capabilities with individuals outside your office, either by invitation or based on corporate affiliation. The Sustain platform regularly updates with new features and functionality to make it even more useful.

Boost Productivity. Save Time and Money.

Stop wasting time and money making employees search for information. Stop endlessly training them how to tag and file documents. MissionConnect: Sustain empowers your staff to focus on their work by offloading the filing tasks to us. When a document needs to be added to the repository, your staff simply uploads it to the platform. Our curating staff will then properly tag, file, and store it safely in our government-approved platform, where it will be easy to locate by only the people you approve.

A federal agency office responsible for developing and monitoring international projects struggled to get a handle on their system for awarding and monitoring grants. The process involved sharing and revising procurement sensitive documents, so passing them back and forth through email was insecure and undesirable. Emailing also distributed the information across many accounts making it difficult to track the status of dozens of active projects at any given time.

By using the MissionConnect platform, this office successfully set up portals to securely exchange information with grantees and vendors with exactly the access permissions they needed. The platform also allowed them to collect status information across all of the project portals and present consolidated dashboards for management, helping to ensure projects falling behind schedule were easy to identify for remedial action.

Program Manager, Defense Agency