We organize your information
So you can make powerful decisions

What we do

We solve your toughest knowledge management problems.


Your information stays in a secure cloud.


Our staff makes sure that information is current and comprehensive and meets your needs.


Our staff puts your information in a larger context so it can be easily understood.


We design and implement sharing protocols and access controls that meet your requirements.

Who are we?

We are developers, researchers, knowledge managers, and curators.

Nikola Tesla


Andrea Castle

Training and Outreach Specialist

John Steed

Director of Geospatial Services

Melisa Stivaletti

Afghanistan Team Leader

Joe Fitzgerald

Director of Software Development

Jon Poudel

Configuration Manager

Why Tesla?

  • Intelligently bundled capabilities

    We provide everything you need to turn a messy pile of data into a beautifully organized, easily accessible information resource. Our service includes all of the technology, design, data curation, and outreach components needed for success. We produce end results that will make your users happy.

  • Leverage Open Source

    We are experts at extending Open Source software to meet your specific needs. We also have extensive experience doing the Open Source research to provide context for your information.

  • Outstanding editorial expertise

    Our editors are proficient at writing articles “around” your information to make it easier for new and uninformed users to find what they need. Tesla editors and curators have the unique combination of domain knowledge, writing skill, and organizational expertise needed to perform this function well.

  • Experience

    We have spent the better part of a decade developing solutions to information sharing challenges faced by government and large organizations. We have a proven record of building information sharing platforms that work.

  • Our team is amazing

    Successful information sharing is a team effort, and Tesla has an awesome team that covers all bases — from user experience (UX) design to data storage structures — needed to build and run effective solutions. We would love to put them to work on your information challenges!

Meet Clara™

Clara is a proven set of tools that integrates your organization’s information storage and management, map-making, and data visualizations.


Information in Context
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive system gives you the big picture
  • Integrated GIS and information visualization show data connections and provide a new way to view information
  • Near real-time common operating tools for displaying tactical environment
  • Ask Clara–if our system doesn't know the answer, our world-class researchers will find it and deliver it to you
  • Clara stores your data; our team organizes your information
Flexible, Adaptive Platform
  • Sign on once to access integrated services and communication tools
  • Intuitive, flexible document management system that you control
  • Communicate and collaborate in a secure digital environment (chat and messaging)
  • Public or private cloud hosting
User-Driven Products and Support
  • Active outreach to understand your needs and build thriving community partnerships for approved data sharing
  • Dedicated, responsive customer support rapidly solves your problems
  • We listen to you and evolve to meet your needs through iterative process and software improvements
  • Our people are committed to the success of your project and work seamlessly with your team


Request for Information
  • Request for Information (RFI) Support
  • Tailored articles and products created upon request
  • Products generally sent out in 7-14 business days
  • Well-organized, fully sourced wiki-style articles developed specifically to your needs
  • Integration of open source and other partnering agencies to share data
  • Static and interactive maps for situational awareness
  • Capability to upload and download GIS datasets
  • Secure file storage and sharing
  • Ability to control access to stored files tailored to mission requirements
  • Search, discovery, and analytics tools
Mail and Chat
  • Secure communication of information within organization and with approved partners
  • Real-time chat for easy collaboration


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