Community Building

Merging Great Minds –
Expanding Your Horizons

For just about every problem, there are smart people already working to develop solutions. However, finding those people is easier said than done.

And once you find them, how do you securely share insights to advance your objective?

You start with Tesla.

We’ve nurtured a diverse network across across US agencies, NGOs, academia and the private sector. In other words, we know who you need to know and we connect people when we see the opportunity.

A Partner, Not a Vendor

Community building is integral to all client engagements, whether working on knowledge management, data visualization or open-source research.

We aren’t just another vendor.We’re strategic partners, actively engaged in your mission’s success.

  • Responsiveness: Get faster results by pooling your resources with the right people in a collaborative, data-rich environment.
  • Support: Our custom, flexible training is modified for your needs including both in-person and web trainings, video, guides, step-by-step manuals, one-sheets and more.
Leverage Your Community

Our goal is simple–to lift all boats by broadening your community knowledge-base.

We achieve better outcomes by bringing relevant parties together in a real-time, collaborative, and data-rich environment. We reduce duplicate work, facilitate handoffs, and enable you to reach the best solutions to problems big & small.

It’s time to stop doing work that’s already been done.

Our community building services include:

  • Shared and secure knowledge management platforms for multiple groups
  • Virtual collaboration spaces
  • Shared trainings
  • Working groups
  • Conference calls

We bring the right people together to help you accomplish your mission.

Get started building your community.