What We Do

StateToday is a unified platform for knowledge management, sharing institutional knowledge and collaboration so that information isn’t siloed or hidden from those who need it.

  • Easy and effective knowledge management
  • Smooth data transfer and ingestion
  • Powerful data visualization and analysis
  • Secure platform and socialization


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"We spend so much time collecting data for asks, I wish we could keep everything together and up to date in a single place."

"Our written products go out by email, our data visualizations live in share drives, and our raw data is on people's desktops"

  • Easy data discovery

  • Structured to your operations

  • Environment feeds workloads

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"We have a ton of data and it's hard to aggregate and disaggregate along critical levels of analysis."

"Our data's great, but we don't have visualization tools we need to find key insights quickly"

"We need quick ways to see where we're spending money, and where we need to focus future efforts."

  • Organize and visualize data along key categories

  • Deliver real-time views

  • Pull data on-demand

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"We're doing awesome work, but it's hard getting it in front of decision-makers."

"Our team is understaffed and overtasked already on analysis; we don't have the bandwidth to expand our network"

  • Targeted permissions

  • Onboarding and training plans

  • Track usage by key metrics

A Look at StateToday at Work


Why Choose Us

  • We understand the State Department' specific data and knowledge problems
  • Over 10 years of collaboration with State Department and other agencies
  • Multi-disciplinary experts with real-world experience in international settings delivering perspective and guidance for knowledge management best practices
  • Intuitive platform that's just easy to use

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We have a ton of great data, but we don’t have the visualization tools we need to find key insights quickly

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We’re doing awesome work, but it’s hard getting it in front of decision-makers

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